Final presentation was hold

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19366314 762763457219067 4282979564178624684 nToday in the event hall of the City Hall of Lanchkhuti Municipality was hold the final presentatuion of project named "Support of strenging the citizens' participation in the desission making process of Local Self Government". As Project Director Amiran Gigineishvili mentioned project aim is support of establishing settlements' general assembly in three villages of Lanchkhuti Municipality. To execute this aim were chosen villages Grigoleti, Etseri and Oragve. In all of villages general assembly were established. in Grigoleti was elected Akaki Kvachadze, in Etseri Zviad Nakaidze and in Oragve Tariel Urusadze in posision of Rcheuli. General assemblies  have Identified problems. They are executed by Local Government  as it is possible. In the presentation were participated Gamgebeli Mr. Zaza Urushadze, Speaker of Municipal Council Mr. Giorgi Kheladze, Members of Local Council and other stakeholders. 

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